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Get the latest on computer vision AI from Intel.

Enhance your experience: Introducing Intel Geti 1.5.0
Get the latest on computer vision AI from Intel.

Jun. 7, 2023

Enhance your experience: Introducing Intel® Geti™ 1.5.0

We are excited to announce the launch of Intel Geti 1.5.0, a new software version!

Intel Geti software enables teams to build computer vision models for their AI applications. This release includes new features and expands functionality for a more effective and agile model development and deployment path.

The release is part of our ongoing commitment to deliver high-quality software. We invite all our existing customers to upgrade to 1.5.0 and take advantage of the latest functionality.

New Functionality

The Intel Geti 1.5.0 release focused on usability, performance, deployment flexibility, and labeling functionality.

Among further updates, these are the key highlights from the release:

Usability and performance

  • Boost in platform performance – Accelerate data upload, model training, and inference workflows.
  • Revised software installation and upgrade processes – Experience substantial improvements and make the most of the latest capabilities.
  • Intel Geti SDK available through Python Package Index (PyPi) – The SDK support for REST API helps simplify and automate development pipelines, including project creation, data and model download, and deployment. Access the Intel Geti repository in PyPi.

Flexible deployment options

  • Scalable deployment with OpenVINOTM Model Server (OVMS) – Exported models are ready to run with OVMS. Learn more about OVMS.
  • New model export formats – Choose from a wider selection of formats for greater deployment flexibility and compatibility with your workflows, including ONNX and FP16 optimizations.

Expanded labeling functionality

  • Playback video data with ease – The video player offers new functionality to help label video frames, view predictions and labels in real-time, and assess model performance.
  • Practical annotation stamp tool – Copy and reuse annotation shapes across a project with minimal effort. After drawing an annotation, select the stamp tool to replicate the exact shape across the project.


Intel Geti software is available for trial and purchase today; reach out to us for pricing details.

What is Next

The platform will continue to evolve with ongoing releases to serve customers. To stay updated with the latest product news or share your interest in leveraging the platform in your organization, contact us via this form.

More on Intel Geti Software

Several resources, including the product solution brief, are available to learn more about Intel Geti software.

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Enhance your experience: Introducing Intel® Geti™ 1.5.0


Enhance your experience: Introducing Intel® Geti™ 1.5.0