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What is the Intel® Geti Platform?

Changing Computer Vision AI Forever

Intel Geti software enables teams to rapidly develop AI models. Our intuitive computer vision solution reduces the time needed to build models by easing the complexities of model development and harnessing greater collaboration between teams. Most importantly, the Intel Geti platform unlocks faster time-to-value for digitalization initiatives with AI.

Rich Feature Set for Powerful Models

The Intel® Geti Platform Makes AI Better - From Data Labeling to Model Training and Export

Guided Annotations Guided Annotations


Expedite and simplify data tagging with familiar drawing features and AI-assisted labeling.

Active Learning Active Learning


Speed up model training and reduce sample bias with guided and predictive annotations for model training.

SDK Support for REST API SDK Support for REST API

SDK Support for

Simplify and automate the development pipeline, from data ingest to model export.

Task Chaining Task Chaining


Combine multiple computer vision tasks to solve complex problems, boosting collaboration opportunities.

Built In Optimizations with OpenVINO Toolkit Built In Optimizations with OpenVINO Toolkit

Built-In Optimizations
with OpenVINO

Maximize inference performance automatically and deploy your AI models across a wide range of Intel® architectures​.

Computer Vision AI Models

Develop New Computer Vision AI Models in Days


Tap the power of computer vision AI to increase process efficiency

Fast and agile model development features accelerate time to value for AI projects

Power of Computer Vision
Development Features Accelerate

With a simplified model development process, computer vision AI is now practical for many more applications

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